Laboratory of Coordinate Metrology (CMM LAB) is accredited calibration laboratory (No. AP 132) for:

- calibration of coordinate measuring systems,
- calibration of artefacts.

The laboratory operates in accordance with the implemented management system according to PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005.

Laboratory team ensures complete customer satisfaction, thereby intending to achieve the main objective of quality included in the laboratory quality policy.

We measure with high accuracy thanks to our coordinate measuring Machine PMM 12106 Leitz Messtechnik.

We have multiple coordinate measuring systems : Leica Laser Tracker LTD 840 with T-Probe and ROMER portable measuring arm equipped with laser scanner probe. We also have the country's largest collection of standards and systems for testing coordinate measuring systems, including unique standards to monitor the accuracy of the large coordinate measuring machines.

As an experienced research team conducting training in coordinate metrology and accreditation (based on management system ISO 17025).

Laboratory of Coordinate Metrology is located in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Cracow University of Technology. The Laboratory is a scientific and educational unit led by Dr. Barbara Juras.

Coordinate Metrology Laboratory operates a research and development focusing on:

- Issues of accuracy evaluation of coordinate measuring machines and,
    - Studies of contact and contactless acquisition of coordinate systems
      measuring points (measuring heads)
- Metrological aspects of the adaptation of industrial robots for tasks
    - The construction and implementation of automated systems for quality control,
    - Modeling-measurement systems (the construction of virtual systems),
- The use of virtual systems to assess the accuracy of measurements,
    - Construction standards and the development of calibration procedures for them
    - The use of artificial neural networks for modeling systems,
    - Using laser
interferometer in the study of form and position deviations,
- The calibration of coordinate measuring systems,
    - Testing methods and systems for biomedical coordinate  in applications.

Coordinate Metrology Laboratory (CMM LAB) is one of the most advanced research centers in the Polish technical universities.

      The calibration of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and the calibration of artefacts  it is the main line of action of CMM LAB’s activity pursued for nearly 30 years. Performed several hundred works and calibrations on behalf of companies and research entities, including the Central Office of Measures and companies DEA SpA Italy, Zeiss Oberkochen, Polkowice Volkswagen, Volkswagen Poznan, Valeo Autosystems, Comau, Fiat Auto Poland, Fiat Avio, NSK Iskra Kielce, ELMOT Swidnica, Alsthom Elblag, PMP Councils and many others.

      Developed several applications implemented in the measurement industry. The laboratory is strongly oriented to cooperation with industry and implementation of innovative solutions for quality control, training, and implementation of technical cooperation in science and innovation. Participates and is invited to major research projects carried out by the major laboratories and measures authorities in Europe.

As the Research Unit CMM LAB is working closely with the industry in the field of:
-    consultation,
-    coordinate measurements ( coordinate metrology),
-    calibration (calibration of industrial parts and machine tools and also calibration of coordinate measuring systems).

We are interested in metrology used in the production processes with reference to the quality management system. We develop  CMMs issues in the area of biomedicine for years.

We lectures on almost all field of studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. But especially we are interested in coordinate metrology, as the most modern branches of the  metrology and its use in production environments. We are trying to successfully combine theory with their practical measurements application.