Information about cookies


 1. CMM LAB uses cookies - information stored by servers on the user's terminal device. Usually cookies are small files that are saved and stored on the user's terminal device (ie. in the user's personal computer). A cookie typically contains the name of the website from which it comes, the time of its existence and a randomly generated unique number. CMM LAB may also use other technologies similar or identical with cookies.

2. Cookies are stored and used in order to:

               adaptation of a web content to the user's preference. Cookies allows to identify the user's terminal device and properly display a web page adapted to the user's individual needs;

               allow to "remember" user-selected settings and personalization of a user interface;

               create statistics that help to understand how users use the CMM LAB's web site, which allows improving their performance and suitability;

               optimization of services;

               authentication within the services,

               delivery of advertising content more suited to the user's interests.

3. By default the internet browsers allows the storage of cookies on user's terminal device. User at any time may itself change settings for cookies in his web browser.

Detailed information on how to change cookies settings are available on the web site of web browser manufacturers.


Failure to change the settings regarding cookies in your web browser, you agree to:

               • placing them by the CMM LAB services in the end user device;

               • storing them in the user's terminal device;

               • access to information already stored in the user's terminal device.

4. Disable the use of cookies may cause difficulties in the use of CMM LAB services.


5. Cookies may be included in the user's terminal device by CMM LAB services, and then used by our service research company and suppliers of multimedia applications.